Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to get great football photographs

Most photographers will never get great football photograph on a consistent basis because they don't understand how simple math can help them.  Although I was horrible in math in high school, college and graduate school, I developed a simple formula that would guarntee me at least five good action photos a game. For nine years, I rarely missed the big play on money shot when I covered Georgia Tech football because of this formula, but to make the formula work for you, you have to do the following five things:

1)  You must understand the exposure triangle and how it applies to getting strong storytelling  photographs,

2) You must understand the limitations of your equipment.  For example, if your camera doesn't have and ISO higher than 1600, you can't expect to get great action photographs in a dark stadium.

3) You have to know your team and what they are capable of doing.  For example, if your team is a running team and they are playing a team that can stop the run,  you need to split time shooting in front and behind the offensive line.

4) Learn the coaches five favorite plays and recognize the guy who gets the ball most of the time.

5) Don't stand beside people who talk a great deal, cheer, celebrate or jump on the field.

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