Thursday, July 3, 2014

Photographing the Peachtree Road Race

For over 20 years, I photographed The Atlanta Journal – Constitution’s Peachtree Road Race and for 10 of those years my job was to capture impactful photographs at the finish line.  Over the years that task which seemed simple became more complicated. 

,During those years, I had to adjust to the different finishing locations, rain, heat, horrible last minute shadows, volunteers stepping and standing between me and winners, unauthorized photographers blocking my view, television stations trying to take my spot, lack of electricity to my laptops, bad flash cards and humans having a bad day. 

 Through it all, I was able to make some photographs that told the story of the greatest 10K on earth.


  1. Life is inside of stories, metaphor, poetry, mood, and nuance. I like what you do with visual storytelling.

  2. In awe. As photographers, we curate life-- "little bits of yarn,' the threads and cords of life. I am dumbfounded by how much life goes by and is not recorded or even noticed; no fanfare, no speech, no announcement… I think that photography seems to say, hey wait, let's pause for one moment here. As photographers it is like the same feeling when I step for one moment into a jewelry store. Life is like looking or gazing out at all these gems-- these moments. "There's a child, there's an older person all alone, there's anything, a doorway, a window, someone's weary hands grasping a coffee cup." I keep thinking about how it doesn't have to be extreme drama. I just think you sir have a firm grasp. I know one other who understands. This is really a good thing, this knowing of how profound a simple still photograph of a story can be.